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How could we define a FORTUNE? If good luck is seen, it has many meanings, we tell some definitions here like good luck means – good fortune, welfare, auspiciousness, and success.

Its meaning is enough, but does everyone get GOOD LUCK, hardly everyone in this world does not get good luck from our experience. It is man’s actions that deprive him of experiencing good fortune. Good luck knocks at everyone’s door, but who recognizes the sound of that knock and opens the door to welcome it? Or lets him go just like that.

There is a straightforward way to understand good luck, which Sri Ram ji has shown and explained in a very beautiful way in a part of the forest journey to every human being and creature in this world.

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When Shri Ram ji left for the forest from his kingdom Ayodhya, he had to cross the lake to go from one side to the other, but wondering how he would go, standing on the other side with Mother Sita and Brother Laxmana waiting for the boat. That’s why when he saw a sailor lying in his boat, Shri Ram Ji called out, “Bring the boat to the shore, we have to go across.”

Hearing the voice, “Nishadraj Kevat” who is famous as “Sri Kevat” in the Ayodhya Kand part of Ramayana.

When “Kevat” reached the shore, he was pleased to see Sri Ram, Mata Sita, and Sri Laxman together. As his life became blessed after getting the darshan of Shri Jankiram and Laxman ji, his wait of many years was over. He was so happy that he has got some fortune. After getting his darshan and crossing the Ganges on his boat, it is as if you have attained the same bliss and fortune.

Fortunately, such an opportunity is available that God himself comes to you and asks for your help to reach your goal or to reach the designated place.

Sri Ram was the only fortune that anyone can’t get easily. But the “KEVAT” has got the fortune that ever one’s dreams of.

To make Shri Ram ji swim, he had fought with Shri Ram ji only.

All the clans were following him, all were offering Shri Ram.

say siyavar ram chandra ki jai, say hail sri ram chandra ji

Hail Shri Ram Hail Shri Ram..

Keep chanting, keep remembering the name of Sri Ram

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Keep chanting, keep remembering the name of Sri Ram,

If you want to cross a sea-like crisis, keep saying, Jai Sri Ram.

Happiness will be achieved just like that, sorrow will disappear here,

Enemies will all go away, God himself will descend,

You will keep on chanting the name of Sri Ram, you will get good fortune.

  1. Introduction
  • The concept of making Shri Ram Ji swim
  • The internal battle fought by Shri Ram Ji
  1. The devotion of the Clans
  • All clans following Shri Ram Ji
  • Offering their reverence to Shri Ram

Chanting and Salutations

  • The significance of chanting “Siyavar Ram Chandra Ki Jai”
  • The power of saying “Hail Sri Ram Chandra Ji”
  1. The Eternal Glory of Shri Ram
  • Exploring the divine qualities of Shri Ram
  • His embodiment of righteousness and grace
  1. The Importance of Chanting and Remembrance
  • Benefits of continuous chanting of Sri Ram’s name
  • The spiritual connection and inner peace it brings
  1. Conclusion
  • Encouragement to keep chanting and remembering Sri Ram’s name
  • Reiterating the eternal greatness of Shri Ram.

Lord Sri Ram, revered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, holds a significant place in Hindu mythology. He is known for his righteousness, wisdom, and exemplary character. While Lord Sri Ram is often associated with various aspects of life, including leadership, devotion, and compassion, attributing the role of a “fortune maker” to him may not align with traditional beliefs.

In Hinduism, the concept of fortune or destiny is viewed as a result of past actions and karma. Lord Sri Ram is revered for his adherence to dharma (righteousness) and his actions that serve as a guide for leading a virtuous life. His teachings emphasize personal responsibility, integrity, and devotion to God.


Instead of perceiving Lord Sri Ram as a “fortune maker,” it is more appropriate to seek inspiration from his life and teachings. Lord Sri Ram’s story teaches valuable lessons such as the importance of upholding values, fulfilling duties, and seeking divine guidance.

Devotees often turn to Lord Sri Ram in times of difficulty, seeking strength, wisdom, and blessings. Through prayer, devotion, and following his teachings, individuals may find solace, guidance, and a sense of purpose in their lives.

It is essential to approach religious figures and their teachings with reverence, recognizing their spiritual significance and the impact they have had on millions of lives throughout history.

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