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Kurukshetra Lord Krishna and Arjun

Kurukshetra as DHARMSHETRA, Chapter-1

Arjuna, a mighty warrior, sees his close relatives, teachers, and friends on the opposing side of the battlefield, ready to sacrifice their lives. Overwhelmed by grief and compassion, he loses his strength, his mind becomes engulfed by delusion, and he abandons his resolve to engage in battle.

  • 1) Arjuna is a powerful warrior, yet he becomes overwhelmed by delusion.
    2) Arjuna feels confused upon seeing his relatives and friends on the battlefield.
    3) Witnessing his friends and mentors ready to sacrifice their lives on the battlefield, Arjuna falls under the sway of delusion.
    4) Although all of them were against Arjuna and Lord Krishna, Arjuna himself was also immersed in sorrow for them.
    5) Immersed in grief and compassion, Arjuna becomes devoid of strength.
    6) Overwhelmed by sorrow, grief, and delusion, Arjuna forgets his resolve to fight and sits in his chariot.
    7) What is this delusion? Who is its creator? What caused it?

No one can do anything against the illusion of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Soul. Not just Arjuna, but the entire world was, is, and will always be immersed in His illusion.

“Guidance of Sri Krishna: Battlefield of Kurukshetra”


Arjuna was highly knowledgeable, skilled, and the greatest archer in the world. When his wealth, kingdom, and even his righteous wife Draupadi were deceitfully taken away from him and she was insulted in a public gathering, all these events unfolded before his eyes. “Shri Krishna,” the Supreme Being, advised Arjuna that one should never engage in war for the sake of women, wealth, prosperity, kingdom, land, or personal gain.

What is the True Duty ? In Kurukshetra ?

This is not the true duty and code of conduct of a warrior. However, when it comes to upholding righteousness, one should never step back from the battle. Fighting for righteousness is our obligation, the duty of a warrior, and “Shri Krishna” the Supreme Being stands alongside those who protect righteousness and stand by it. It is written in our ancient scriptures, “धर्मो रक्षिते रक्षितः” which means, “One who protects righteousness is protected by righteousness.” By following the path guided by “Shri Krishna” the Supreme Being, we can attain all that we desire, and it is also essential for every individual of every age to know this. Hence, “Shri Krishna” the Supreme Being chose “Kurukshetra” and presented it as a representation of His words, showing us how it can be prevented from being destroyed in various ways.

Surrender to “Shri Krishna Paramatma”.

Always remember “Sri Krishna” is always there. He is everywhere in each and every living being he is present.

Before the onset of the war, Arjuna desired to see all his loved ones one last time. “Shri Krishna Paramatma” is always under the devotee’s command, but Arjuna was particularly dear to him. “Shri Krishna Paramatma” was Arjuna’s friend, brother, guide, and guru, as well as the charioteer of his chariot. In a battle, the charioteer’s role is more important than that of a warrior because the charioteer determines the path of victory or defeat, and whoever makes “Shri Krishna Paramatma” the charioteer of their chariot in their work and life, nothing is impossible for them in this age. Just as “Shri Krishna Paramatma” guided and protected Arjuna in the righteous war of the Mahabharata, similarly, if we want to gain victory over our desires, attachments, jealousy, treachery, and anger, then if we make “Shri Krishna Paramatma” our charioteer, our victory is certain. Just as apart from the five elements, nobody can control “Shri Krishna Paramatma,” similarly, to achieve victory over these five vices, we should make “Shri Krishna Paramatma” our charioteer. “Shri Krishna Paramatma” is not hungry for wealth, luxury, status, or fame. They are hungry for love, devotion, and the highest form of devotion. They reside within a person who possesses love, devotion, and devotion in abundance. They always protect, show the way, and if we accidentally stray from the path, they pull us back onto the path of truth. No matter how much we talk, write, explain, or hear about “Shri Krishna Paramatma,” it is always less. The life of “Shri Krishna Paramatma” is like an ocean, the more you immerse yourself, the more you will discover, and the more you strive to know, the more new subjects you will encounter.

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Sri Krishna- Mahamantram.

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